In 2012 I fell a couple of times and messed up my lower back. The Dr. I visited in Germany told my surgery is out of the question it is to dangerous. Got a second opinion a few months later here in San Antonio during a visit at my daughters and was told the same. The Dr. in S.A. fitted me with a back brace. Now in 2016 I went to a Orthopedic Dr. because when I walked I had that pain going down my leg and it was getting worth by the month, I thought my artificial hip was causing the pain. To my surprise it was not my hip it was my spine causing that pain and Dr. Kanz referred me to Dr Albert, the best referral I ever got, because Dr Albert told me that he could help and he did so on 25 Aug 2016. I'm still wearing a heavy duty brace but until now when walking no more pain and I hope to stay pain free for the rest of my life. Going to the clinic is a good experience, the staff is very nice and helpful.